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New Year’s Resolution – An Invitation for Unity

Religious hegemony. Political gridlock. National uncertainty. International conflict. As we begin this new year, we need to go no further than a click of the remote control to see that we live in an era of increasing personal, interpersonal, national, … Continue reading

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Go watch Spider-Man… Seriously.

I am certainly not one who regularly follows comics or superhero movies, but I watched the newly-released “The Amazing Spider-Man” last night and was extremely impressed… enough so that I have decided to take some time to write my first-ever … Continue reading

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E Pluribus Unum

We just celebrated the 236th birthday of the United States of America. Across this great nation, the night sky lit with fireworks, as originally instructed by John Adams in a letter to his wife just prior to the signing of … Continue reading

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In Memoriam – Kevin Ballantine

PHOTO CREDITS: Please mouse-over the photos for corresponding image credits. August 9, 1988 — January 15, 2012 There are certain moments that stand out as turned-down pages in the book of life. There are moments when we are met with … Continue reading

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Life at Sea – Finale!

12 Dec 1630 UTC After logging over 840 hours at sea and traveling over 3,500 nautical miles (over 4,000 statute miles) across open ocean, we safely returned to the port of Phuket, Thailand on the morning of 11 December… 35 … Continue reading

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Remember Pearl Harbor (Life at Sea – Day 32)

07 Dec 2011 1830 UTC Seventy years ago, at exactly this time (1830 UTC, 8:30 am Hawaii local time), the tranquil morning over the calm waters of Pearl Harbor were brutally shattered by the second wave of 170 Japanese aircraft, … Continue reading

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Life at Sea – Day 14

19 Nov 2011 2300 UTC After a brief rain shower at the start of my evening radar watch, the clouds cleared and revealed the splendor of the night sky. Like a curtain lifting before a play, the sunset-tinged clouds parted … Continue reading

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