Welcome to my random collection of personal essays! I enjoy writing as a way to organize my thoughts about events and the world around me. This secondary blog serves as the repository of those thoughts. My primary website is UntamedSkies.com, where you can find my professional biography and hazardous weather blog.

For those who know me well, I have many interests that seem to have nothing in common. I am a scientist and instructor by trade and a philosopher at heart. I am a student, a teacher, a musician, a naturalist, a Zen practitioner, a storm chaser, an author, a backpacker, a classical pianist, a photographer, an outdoorsman, a Freemason, a poet, a mathematician, a trumpeter, a sailor, an explorer…

Yet, I realize the futility of all of these adjectives, these words, these concepts, in describing any individual. Life transcends concepts and is ever changing. So, I prefer to think of myself as a traveler – a traveler on a journey that leads to meaningful discoveries of the world around me, of myself, and of my fellow travelers. And so, this blog of personal essays will attempt to capture moments in the theme of life that I have often expressed:

Life is a perpetual dream, a fragile bubble in the sky, an ephemeral ripple on the sea, a speck of dust in the universe. Yet life is an adventure, waiting to be discovered down every path, under every boulder, across every river, atop every mountain. I live to be challenged. I challenge myself to live. The world is my trail. My mind, my treasure map.


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  1. Lorna Hershinow says:

    I’m going to be reading the book you and Nikki wrote collaboratively this weekend, because I must move fast if there’s any chance at all of adding it late to this year’s Celebrate Reading list. So I’ve some quick questions. How could people who read our list and want to read We the Peoples get their hands on the book? How much does it cost? Thank you very much indeed for providing the UHM book club with copies, and its director with some reading copies to share with my team of teachers committed to the reading program. I’m sorry that I cannot respond as yet to the book itself; all I have read are the authors’ notes so far! But I want to congratulate you on having achieved such a publication, and to assure you that if it works as a peace book it stands a real chance of being added to the list, despite the late date. I hope you write to me and that we can speak this weekend. Aloha, Lorna

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