I’m back… after a “Journey on the Level”

After creating this blog back in December 2010, a period of half a year went by without any posts. Of course, that defeats the purpose of having a blog in the first place, so what happened (besides by always-limited amount of free time)? Well, unbeknownst to me at the time of my first post, all the free time for my writing endeavors would be devoted to a new book project soon after the creation of this blog.

Have you ever had those nights when you can’t fall asleep because your head is just spinning with ideas coming out of every corner of your brain? I had one of those nights this past winter just prior to Christmas.

As a member of the Freemasons, a fraternity dedicated to the ideals of democracy, liberty, religious tolerance, ethics, and self-improvement (not the crazy, stupid myths that you see online or on TV), I have long been involved in philosophical conversations with friends from around the country with different socioeconomic backgrounds. Through these discussions, I found that my generation is interested not so much in divisive politics or religious dogma, but rather, an outlook on life that involves an element of philosophical thinking that embodies self-improvement in a way that transcends artificial boundaries imposed by tradition, culture, and doctrine. In other words, there is a search for what unites, rather than divides us as a people – one nation, under God.  Howsoever the term “God” would like to be inferred – from a concrete persona of a human-like creator to an abstract idea of collective consciousness – is completely up to each individual.

During my bout of insomnia, my mind was flooded with a desire to write down all of the inspirational ideas, quotes, and thoughts that I had collected during my philosophical discussions with friends over the course of the last couple years. I grabbed a piece of paper, and after 30 minutes of mad scribbling, I found myself staring at – remarkably – an outline for my next book. It would be titled, Journey on the Level.

Why journey? Because that is exactly what life is – no more, no less. We are travelers on the plane of time, moving from experience to experience, place to place, lesson to lesson. Why “on the level?” Because we are traveling this journey together as a people. The ideas of me vs. you, us vs. them, and this vs. that, are ideas of yesterday, not ideas that can carry us forward to tomorrow. In this era of globalization, there is no room for prejudice if we ourselves want to succeed, be it on a personal or national level.

After several months of work and the tireless support of a few friends and family members – and sacrificing much of my free time on the weekends, I am pleased to say that Journey on the Level is now available for sale at all bookstores, including Amazon. However, I am personally offering free domestic U.S. shipping on all orders placed through the book website, which includes a more detailed description: http://www.JourneyOnTheLevel.com

Now that this book project is complete, I look forward to resuming my periodic posts to this blog!

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