And so, it begins!

After much deliberation and some repeated prodding by family and friends to write down some of my thoughts, I have decided to start a blog. Besides Facebook, I have never been too fond of all the latest crazies in social media (yeah, don’t see myself shooting off Tweets anytime soon), but since I like writing and have gotten positive feedback, I have decided to give this whole blogging thing a shot. If nothing else, I figure it would be interesting a few years down the road to look back and see where my mind has traveled through time.

For those who know me well, I have many interests that seem to have nothing in common. I am a meteorologist and scientist by trade and a philosopher at heart. I am a student, a teacher, a musician, a businessman, a naturalist, a Zen practitioner, a storm chaser, an author, a backpacker, a classical pianist, a photographer, an outdoorsman, a Freemason, a poet, a mathematician, a trumpeter, a sailor …an explorer. And yet, I realize the futility of all of these adjectives, these words, these concepts, in describing any individual. As the clock ticks by, all these words become superficial, as all things must change in the winds of time.

Rather than playing with adjectives, life transcends concepts and is ever changing. So, I prefer to think of myself as a traveler – a traveler on a journey that leads to meaningful discoveries of the world around me, of myself, and of my fellow travelers. And so, this blog will attempt to capture moments in the theme of life that I have often expressed:

Life is a perpetual dream, a fragile bubble in the sky, an ephemeral ripple on the sea, a speck of dust in the universe. Yet life is an adventure, waiting to be discovered down every path, under every boulder, across every river, atop every mountain. I live to be challenged. I challenge myself to live. The world is my trail. My mind, my treasure map.

So why the title, “Untamed Skies?” Well, besides the fact that it is a reference to my personal website:, it is as much a symbolic as it is a literal descriptor of the nature of life. The weather cannot be tamed. Try as we might, we cannot fully control the forces of nature, as we are ultimately crucial components of that same nature. Scientists have made discoveries, and engineers have invented the most ingenious ways to help humanity conquer the odds and cope with our environment. Yet, the essence of nature itself cannot be tamed. Isn’t this exactly how our lives work each and every day? We cannot control what happens to us, but we can always control how we respond to each circumstance. To try to assert control over something in which we have no control is to be childish. But, to take control when confronted with the choice of how we should best respond to a given situation in a compassionate, selfless way is to be honorable. “Fate cannot be changed; otherwise it would not be fate,” said Viktor Frankl. “Man, however, may well change himself, otherwise he would not be man.”

Finally, since I am entirely indebted to my family, friends, and colleagues who have supported, encouraged, and inspired me over the years, this blog is dedicated to them. Thank you for who you are and all that you have done. The contents of this blog that capture my thoughts on life ultimately would not be possible if it weren’t for you and the integral of all of your influences on my mental and physical being. You know who you are.

Some of my best friends who are currently keeping blogs with meaningful messages are linked to the right. Please take some time to see what they have to share as well!

As Rudyard Kipling commanded:

Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the ranges – something lost behind the ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go!

So come, let’s go check out what’s behind that waterfall! Don’t forget your camera.

Moment of reflection above cloud line on a summit climb of Mauna Loa, the world's largest volcano on the Big Island of Hawai'i. The caldera of another active volcano, Kilauea, can be seen smoldering in the background.

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One Response to And so, it begins!

  1. Here’s to the adventure! Welcome to the fray, glad you decided to do this.

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